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At HerbsAreMyWorld, we focus on the use of wild herbs sourced from around Lofou Village in Cyprus.

Many of these herbs and supplements have been neglected by health care providers in the west, and we seek to share their healing potential with our clients.

Some of the herbs we offer and their most common uses are listed in our website.

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What is

“Herbs Are My World”

Herbs Are My World was established by George Ellinas, a skilled medical herbalist who seeks to blend traditional systems of understanding and ancient knowledge with the latest scientific research to support the proper functioning of the body and to cure a wide range of illnesses.

George Ellinas seeks to diagnose and treat the underlying problems behind your health concerns instead of just the symptoms. Once the true nature of your problem is discerned, a natural medicine can be formulated to meet your specific needs.

Herbs Are My World was founded as part of an attempt to make safe, established herbal medicine more accessible to the people who need it. In recent years herbal medicine has been examined and refined by an even more extensive body of scientific research. As the scientific process refines ancient knowledge and thorough testing eliminates unsafe or ineffective treatments, we are seeing a growing acceptance of herbal medicine as a valid and important health care option.

New treatment programs are being developed which have their roots in both the wisdom of the past and the scientific advances of today.

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Herbs is the healing of a nation, alcohol is the destruction.

Herbal Treatments and Remedies

More people turn to herbal treatments and health supplements each year, seeking safe, effective and gentle alternatives to risky and side-effect prone pharmaceutical drugs. In actual fact, many health problems which would normally be handled by a GP can be handled with drug-free herbal treatments. Even illnesses like cancer which are commonly considered incurable can be managed, treated, and in some cases cured with safe, natural herbal medicines.

Please contact George Ellinas below to arrange a consultation. We can explore your concerns and health care needs, and craft a whole-life program of healthy nutrition and natural medicines to restore you to a fully healthy state. Let us introduce you to the surprising benefits of a natural, healthy lifestyle


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You can choose your herbs through a large variety, and learn more about them. Contact us for more information, and buy the ones that interest you.



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Alfalfa is a particularly valuable leguminous herb, not only rich in the principal mineral and chemical elements in the constitution of the human body, but it also has many of the trace elements obtained from deep in the soil where the roots reach down 30 to 100 feet. Of specific value, I would point out the rich quality....

Men's Health Seminar

Men's Health Seminar

First hour nutrition and healthy living. What we should eat from a holistic point of view (fruits and vegetables, whole nuts, seeds and grains). Also here I can talk about distilled water.What is forbidden to eat? (milk, red meat, refined and processed foods, sugars etc). Detox (3 days cleanse)Avoid synthetic clothes that....


Herbal Medicine

Herbal treatments can be used to treat a broad spectrum of complaints.

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